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Erica Berning, LUTCF, CLF, CLU®
Senior Partner

A native of Duncannon, Pennsylvania, Erica graduated from Central Michigan University where she received her Business Administration degree in Marketing. Erica joined NYL as an agent in December 2006 and within her first six-months she achieved Executive Council*. By year end 2008, Erica had achieved two Executive Councils and was promoted to Partner at New York Life – Chicago in January 2009 at the very young age of 24. Erica is the most tenured Partner in the Downtown Sales Office of the New York Life – Chicago and has aspirations of one day running her own General Office as a Managing Partner. She consistently lets her team know that she truly sought out management to lead others and educate them on the endless opportunities that New York Life offers. Erica strives and wants to give her agents and potential agent candidates the career opportunity and high quality of life she has been able to achieve.

Erica and her husband Matt reside in Elmhurst along with daughter Harper and two sons, Matthias Jr. and Gunnar. 
Takach, Erica (I318)
2 von Hochleer-Mark Roehken, Lisette (I6172)
3 "der Heilige", "Kurznase" von Gellone Graf von Toulouse, Wilhelm (I7511)
4 "John Harvey, a Gentleman of (Saffron) Walden being ‘a little indisposed in bodily health’ left a will dated 11 December 1751 where he bequeathed much of his property to his ‘kinsman Thomas Appleby son of my nephew John Appleby late of Sabridgeworth in the county of Hertford Grocer deceased and to his heirs and assigns for ever charged nevertheless with the payment of one annuity or yearly rent charge of twenty pounds to my sister Elizabeth Appleby for term of her life…….and charged also with the payment of three hundred pounds to my kinsman Richard Appleby son of my said nephew John Appleby and with the payment of one hundred pounds a piece unto Amey Hannah and Elizabeth Appelby daughters of my said nephew John Appleby’." Harvey, John (I7534)
5 "Noordland" von Antwerpen Klein, Friedrich Wilhelm (I6842)
6 "On the 21st instant {died}, at his house, Myrtle Hill Terrace, John Murphy Esq., aged 75 years, for over fifty years Governor of County Cork Gaol." Murphy, John (I7192)
7 Familie: Larry Simon / (F3347)
8 1387 Meyer zu Rittenhofen Rittenhofen, Nikolaus von (I3698)
9 1416-39 erwähnt, 29.08.1431 bekennt Empfang mehrerer Lehen zu Odernheim etc. vom Grafen von Veldenz, am 24.3.1432 bewittumt er seine Frau (Q.: 2) Walter Möller, Stammtafeln westdeutscher Adelsgeschlechter im Mittelalter, Bd. IV). Wolf von Sponheim, Hennichen (I3701)
10 1435-58 Amtmann von Kirchheim-Bolanden, 1435 mit den Boas von Waldecksehen Gütern belehnt, 1442 belehnt mit dem Burghaus in Saarbrücken, 1443 mit 1/12 Zehnt von Fell durch Abt von St. Maximin in Trier belehnt, 1450/55 Revers wegen Lehen seines veerstorbenen Schwiegervaters Hengin Wolff von Sponheim, 1459 tot. Rittenhofen, Peter der Ältere von (I3696)
11 1908 als COLON in Hollen 22 erwähnt Jürgensmann, Heinrich AUGUST (I6324)
12 2 Söhne Knap gen. Becker, August (I6137)
13 2 Töchter Knap gen. Becker, Heinrich Wilhelm (I6133)
14 6 Kinder
Shamrockstr.60, Herne 
Knap gen. Becker, Anna Maria (I6131)
15 ab 1371 Graf von Saarbrücken (Q.: Wolfgang Raimar, Ahnentafel von König Ludwig II. von Bayern). Nassau-Weilburg, Philipp I. Graf von (I2204)
16 Abbaye de Hautes-Bruyères de Beaumont Le Roger, Amicie (I500801)
17 Abbaye Royale d'Hautecombe de Montfort, Jeanne (I4268)
18 abbesse de Nivelles von Nivelles, Itte (Idoberg) (I500701)
19 Alternatives Heiratsdatum: 28.09.1772 Familie: Johann Hermann Heitmann / Anna Marie Vospeters (F483)
20 alternatives Taufdatum: 25.11.1759 Poss, Johann SEBASTIAN (I1324)
21 alternatives Todesdatum: 29.09.1313. Gräfin, erw. 1279-1313 (Q.: 2) Walter Möller, Stammtafeln westdeutscher Adelsgeschlechter im Mittelalter, Bd. II; 3) Herrbert Stoyan, WW-Person auf CD). von Isenburg-Limburg, Imagina (I2213)
22 Am 18.08.1802 ausgewandert nach Philadelphia, USA Burckhardt, Johann Heinrich (I5934)
23 an Halsbräune Gross, Sophie (I772)
24 an Lungenentzündung Schmidt, Louise (I140)
25 an Lungenkatarrh Gross, Johann Friedrich (I139)
26 Arbutus (Bootsy) Ellen Focht Arbutus (Bootsy) Ellen Focht, 95, resident of The Woods at Cedar Run in Camp Hill, passed away April 19th after a short stay at the Gardens in Camp Hill. Born in Antes Forte, Pa., she grew up in Williamsport, and was the daughter of Raymond P. Smith and Josephine Maria Kadash. Before becoming a stay at home mommy, she worked in the bookkeeping department of the Williamsport Narrow Fabric Company, and later as a corresponding secretary for the Williamsport Sears and Roebuck Company. She was the widow of Herbert O. Focht to whom she was happily married for 38 years. She is survived by four children, Dianne E. Fisher, of Stouchsburg, Pa., Debra J. Takach, of Duncannon, Pa., and twin sons: Kevin C. Focht of Brodheadsville, Pa., and Keith H. Focht, of Etters, Pa. – 5 grandchildren, 4 step grandchildren and 4 3/4 great grandchildren, she also had step great grandchildren she never got to meet due to logistics. She is the author of: “Twins Troubles and Triumphs”, “Today I Love You”, “How to Cope with a Heart Attack”, “ Naughty Angel”- 2 sequels, “The Cardinal Sings”, “There is a Heaven”, “Impossibly Yours”, “Been There, Done That, and Now This”. For 21 years the “Arbutus E. Focht” monthly column could be found in the Middletown, Pa. Press and Journal Senior Citizen’s News, for kids over 50. She laughingly declared that her only regret during her 50 years of writing, was not knowing how to spell the word hors d’oeuvre without first looking in the dictionary. While living in The Villages, in Florida, she authored contributions to the Villages Daily Sun and appeared in articles focusing on her large collection of hats and her affiliation with the “Village Idiots” (a let’s have fun group). She was a member of Beta Sigma Phi, The PA Club, The Singles, The Crimson Gems Red Hat Society, and Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Camp Hill, PA. A private interment will be in the Rolling Green Cemetery, Camp Hill, PA with a graveside service to be conducted by Pastor Jack Horner of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Please visit for service day and time announcements or to send messages of condolence to Mrs. Focht’s family. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The American Heart Association. Smith, Arbutus Ellen (I70)
27 auch: Jakob Großmichels oder Jakob Peters Gross, Jacob Elsen (I921)
28 aus einer langobardischen Familie Burcia (I7625)
29 Auswanderung der Familie im Rahmen der "Palatine Emigration"; später Rückwanderung

Auf der Passagierliste erscheint der Familienname als "Arm" (von der zeitweilig gebräuchlichen Schreibweise "d'Arm" abgeleitet). 
Darme, Isaac (I160)
30 Auswanderung der Familie nach England in das German Camp in Walworth/London Darme, Isaac (I160)
31 Autounfall. Insasse. 2 Autos verwicklt, Fahrer 19 und 20 Jahre alt. Simon, Freddie Lee (I328)
32 Avec Vitapry de Benauges Taillefer d'Angoulême, Guillaume (I501007)
33 Bankrupts. Hannah Appleby, of Sawbridgeworth, Hertford, widow, grocer, dealer and chapwoman King, Hannah (I1789)
34 Banquier d'Albon, André II. (I500725)
35 Baron of Hinckley, Sieur de Hutley, Sénéchal d'Angleterre de Grandmesnil, Guillaume (I500817)
36 Baron, seigneur de La Tour de La Tour du Pin, Albert (I500623)
37 Baroness Clifford de Clare, Maud (I501016)
38 Betrieb das legendäre Gasthaus "Alt-Herne" Knapp, Diedrich Heinrich (I6129)
39 Burggraf von Würzburg von Babenberg, Otto III (I500882)
40 Burggraf von Würzburg und Graf von Henneberg Henneberg, Godebold Graf von (I2616)
41 Bürgermeister von Ottweiler Düringer, Hans (I6396)
42 Bürgermeister von Potzbach /Pfalz (b. Kaiserslautern) Cherdron, Pierre (I500347)
43 calvinistisch de Cour, Daniel (I7089)
44 calvinistisch Bourguignon, Maria (I7090)
45 Chambellan de Philibert Duc de Savoie 15. Sept. 1503
Chevalier, Baillif du Bugey 31. Aug. 1512 
de Groslée, Jacques (I5966)
46 Chevalier de Chanves et du Montelier de Chiel, Odon (I5968)
47 Chevalier en 1240, Seigneur de Grolée de Groslée, Josselin (I500613)
48 Chevalier mistral des comtes de Vienne 1194, Seigneur du roure de Beauvoir de Marc, Guillaume (I500621)
49 Chevalier Seigneur de Bresse, Saint-Bury, Dyo, Flechères,Saint Burcy de Dyo, Antoine (I5982)
50 Chevalier Seigneur de Saint André de Briord de Groslée, Guy III (I5976)

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